The Birth Plan: The Firstborn vs the Second born

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Your birth plan is probably difrent this time around. During the first pregnancy, you made a bunch of decisions. You wrote them down to focus on having a baby while clearly communicating you and your partners’ desires during and immediately after birth. Ther is no doubt the importance of a birth plan. The security of knowing you thought about everything you could before the big day where anything and everything can change within a few seconds is priceless. The best doctors and midwives recommend them. You probably had one.10_16.30.53
I did – I used this formated one, and the hospital stave loved it—a common problem with hospital staff and almost parents. No doubt you have heard the stories. All essential things bear being written down.

But now you’re having your second baby, many of the decisions made with the first pregnancy were dusted off. You and your partner are likely more confident. Now, the planning takes the form of creating space and preparing the firstborn. While I did this for myself, I realized my beautiful baby, who would become big, needed precisely what I needed when she was on her way. I needed reassurance, so did she. I needed to know as much of what was going to happen as possible.

So I did what we all do.
Read big books; she loved little miss big sis. We talked about our siblings and all the fun we have had with them. Ok… ok…Only the pg stuff, they can figure out the rest on their own. We talked about baby, pregnancy, and what was happening to mommy. We made the space in the house, getting help created excitement, watching productive sibling TV!

Reading and learning about her experience and making sure she would make the shift in the most positive impact possible. I loved exploring this topic for her and with her. I learned a lot. After some time, I found the one tool I wanted most was the one I could not find. A Baby {birth} plan was born. Using all I learned, we gave my daughter her baby plan. After all, this was her first pregnancy. The first one she was going to experience close up and personally. She needed the plan now.

It took me a few years to get it to you. Becaues well then there were two.