The Whole Family!

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Early family bonding in your forever changed family will go a long way to help everyone adjust to the new reality. One of the biggest natural stressors just happened to everyone in the family, a lot of excitement and no one is getting enough sleep. We are unique and complicated individuals so what will help your child is best determined by you and your significant other. What would feel most natural in your household? Is the question. Yes, a lot has changed, but not really everything. The family is growing, like a new flower in the garden of your home.

This article from Australian resource, Raising Children is the most complete I have come across. The whole page is fantastic! What to Expect is always a fantastic resource. in this article, they make a very good point of starting big changes well before or a bit after the arrival of the baby because regression is bot common and likely in the older sibling.

Parent wholly recommends you pre-screen all the “big” stuff, some of these materials introduce ideas that may not be problems if not introduced. Though well-intentioned, introducing the idea of competitive behavior or that there is not enough love to go around can be damaging, these my be thoughts your child has never had. Why introduce them? A Baby Plan and many others do not introduce these ideas and instead choose a more holistic approach to the new baby. Treating this monumental change as just a part of a growing family, the building of a team, or a huge gift. You know your child and will find the right tools to help them grow into their new role.

The orders sibling is not the only consideration. A family is all about the relationships. The relationship between the parents and the first boor can go through a lot of changes. Mom and dad my be focusing challenges of their own. Kids Health address many concerns that could be faced by either parent but has a focus on Mom. I particularly like the tips at the very end of the article. Dad’s (spouse) though underrepresented in parent literature can find seven fantastic tips from The Brag Dad, Number four was huge in our house and lifestyle. All of these resources suggest so many readiness suggestions and choose what you will work for you and your family. You know your family best and you know what you need.

Parent preference can be a real challenge or a fantastic parenting tool; it all depends on how the “out” parent handles it. What to expect gives us a lot to think about when one parent is favored, including some strategies to shine the light at the other parent. The article also points out that it’s not personal, Imperfect Family finishes their piece with perhaps the most profound statement on the subject, and that is that in time the child will mature and realize that they don’t have to and express love and affection uniquely to each. In my house, as delivery came closer we encouraged my daughter to go through a Daddy phase, taking some of the pressure off of me just before the new baby needed well almost everything from me. We encouraged this through a may of the suggestions including focused quality time this Daddy while being careful not to blame the belly/baby. It worked great!

Lastly if ever you are ever condenser whether your kids will be OK in the long run take a look at this long list of scientifically-backed parenting techniques compiled by Business Insider. If you are coming some of these things it is likely your kids are going to be happy and healthy adults. You are doing great.