Introductions Matter

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The baby is here and you moved to recovery every got a little rest and now your firstborn is on the way. Social norms are wired when you think about it from a child’s perspective. Their needs and thoughts always first as a biological imperative. After being away and often not unexpected but sudden disruption of the expected events. Your firstborn needs you when the family is reunited. Take a moment and breath it in mom’s hands should be free to hug and greet your first boon like every other time you have ever been away from each other. This moment is about them being reunited with the people they love most. The next moment can be about them meeting their new best friend. It’s helpful to have someone else with the baby, or even have the baby out of the room. Let the caregiver meet the baby as you meet the needs of your firstborn.

Ask them what they did and ate, if they had fun? tell them you love them, let them give you a gift if they have one. Then ask if they are ready to meet the baby.

From your older child’s perspective, the baby is the new member of the family and needs an introduction. Introducing the older child as if they are the new one (because they are new to the room) can cause feelings of displacement. Make a formal introduction, somthing like…

___________Baby___________ this is you very awsome big __________________

Big _____________, ___name_____, this is your very sweet little ______________

You two will have so many good times together, and their starting right now.

Be sure to introduce the baby as the new member of the family. After their both together with you and on your lap all will be right with the world.