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The Garrett’s

When I was pregnant with my son I did a ton of research on how his arrival was going to impact my then two-year-old daughter. I wanted her to understand and be prepared. I wanted her to feel some of the special that was happening. I told her again and again how it was when I was pregnant with her. We talked about how the baby on the way was so lucky to have a big sister. The more I read the more I was convinced that she needed her own birth plan, after all we had one and this was happening to her too.

The Baby Plan was born. I wrote down our plan for where she would be and what she would be doing once the baby was coming. I learned that it was important to use the same words and cover all the same points to help her feel secure and safe during this monumental change. With so much going on – I wrote it down. Now you can make it your own. with blank spaces to fill in the details unique to your family, this book will first be a tool and grow to be a keepsake from when your firstborn becomes a big.