The Firstborn – A Responsibility.

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The First Born

Your firstborn is along for the ride when it comes to you and your significant other’s choice to give them a younger sibling. What a Git is is. The best we can do for the child early on the seen is to help them build the tools they’re going to need to be successful in their next phase of life as a big. There are many great resources out there and of course, we believe A Baby Plan will help you. but here are national resources.

The Mayo Clinic brakes it down by age. and has a good section on troubleshooting covering a lot of things that may be a concern to you such as explaining breastfeeding and medical concerns.

Healthy Children take a different approach focusing on the developmental age of the child and their perception, discussing routines and regress. Honestly, the best three things I thought my daughter before my son arrived are: put on her shoes, Hold her bag (an adorable little dinosaur backpack) and stand by the dor and wait. Seriously: the best thing ever stands by the door and expects. Motherly follows a similar format but integrates more emotional needs and concerns the child might have.

Kids Health takes you through the many stages from telling your child the baby is coming through dealing with feelings once the new baby comes home.

The Child Mind Institute will help you understand your firstborn’s emotions, providing them with better emotional support will without a doubt bring better results for everyone.

The Cleveland Clinic gives us a tone of information on a list broken into some general sections all delivered in built-points. quick and to the point but with very good coverage.